What You Read Part 2

I have a variety of friends on Facebook.  One always posts stories from Huffington Post, an other always post from Fox news (or Commentary).  (I used to hear from one (who was from Russia and had a PHD in Marxist Economy and would always post articles from Rusian Propaganda sites).

The problem is that for many of these people that was their exclusive window into National News, this meant they came out with a jaded view.  They were living in an echo chamber and when someone didn’t fit the view from that echo chamber they discounted it.

Granted most news sources are accurate, they can still shade their story and direct the perception of the reader.  The challenge is to expand your horizon and look at the other perspectives. You may come out with the exact same position/attitude/belief, but the next time the topic comes up, you will be more at home and better able to stand by your own arguments.

If you want to be educated and have a better understanding of what is going on, open yourself to what the other side thinks.

I enjoy reading Real Clear Politics and I’d recommend others look into that as well. The other day there was an article “The Out of Touch Party“, when I looked at it I honestly had no idea where they talking about the Republican or the Democrats.  (IMHO, both would quality).    Frequently I will see stories with competing headlines… the equivalent of “The President, is completely wrong“, immediately followed by one which is titled “The President is in the Right“.

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