The (Losing) Game of Blame

One of the problem with Modern Society and Politics is The Game of Blame. When you play that, everyone looses.

Its possible to see the game of blame in everything from Politics, to our own Social interactions and even self talk. Its tendrils feed many other negative emotions and attributes:  envy, prejudice, denial, anger, feelings of helplessness, apathy, anti-scoail behavior, violence, etc.


About this point I imagine a Yoda voice saying, something like:

Blame leads to powerlessness, powerlessness leads to anger, anger leads to the Dark Side

Blame’s head has popped up through out History and is visible in Modern Conflicts and Failure.

Unfortunately when it raises its ugly head, it distracts people from actual solutions or worse (and more commonly) it gets channeled into the wrong direction.  (In politics this maybe deliberate)

There are so many ways blame fits into the World…. there is both a Macro and Micro level.  At the Macro Level it has/is hurting Civil Society and the Micro (or individual) Level it hurts the person.  In both it interferes with Success, Growth, Health and Happiness.

Today, blame at the Macro level can be seen being used by BOTH sides of the political spectrum.

Lets Blame High unemployment….;
The violence in this community is because……..
The Economy is in tatters because………
Our Social Programs are failing because…..
I’m not succeeding because……

At the Micro Level, it can be seen as the inability to let go, holding onto resentments, holding onto negative patterns, and not advancing. (It may be that one needs to seek professional help with this).

How to respond

I’m not an expert.  So many times its easy to diagnose a cause of the problem than to actually provide a solution.  I know when I was younger and more depressed, it was so easy for me to blame others and not look at myself.  (Some of those people where at fault and where evil, but also there where factors affecting other interactions. Hopefully now I can come at it with more equanimity).  I’ve come across many different ideas here are a few ideas/pointers/resources that might be relevant:

God Grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, The Courage to change the things I Can, and the Wisdom to Know the Difference

Understand as much of the problem as possible, it may be you come to a realization about what is actually happening and how to respond better. (While doing this breath and stay calm).

Understand what is under your area of influence.  (Screaming about something you have no control over, will just make cause more stress and hurt your Serenity).  (Where do you have power?)

A few days ago I made a post on the book “Who Moved My Cheese” .  Its simple but powerful parable, in that story the issue is change (1 character is stuck in blame and another moves on).  I’d strongly recommend reading this.

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