The Last Jedi (Overall)

A few weeks ago I saw the last Jedi. (It opened here on Wed and I saw it Friday afternoon). I think overall is was just OK as a SciFi Movie.  During the movie I found myself having lots of , “Oh common, you’re kidding me” spontaneous reactions.

The only thing which (IMO) got it above water, was Luke’s speech to Kylo Ren (and the matching images):

“Everything you just said is wrong.  The war is not over, it is just beginning. The Rebellion has not been destroyed today, but it has been reborn.  And I am not the Last Jedi”

As a “Star Wars” Film, it was a Bad “Star Wars Film”. I think this explains a lot of the dichotomy between Critics Loving it (91%) and true Star Wars fans hating it(52%). The Fans where looking at it a part of the Star Wars Continuity, not just with the previous film but with the Characters and world of “Star Wars”.

Another possible reason: Had Disney not thrown oodles of Money at FX-porn and High Quality Cinematography, the Critics would have the same “OK” sentiment (or worse).   Since Critics typically have a different viewing pattern than a SciFi geek (including Non-Star Wars ones), all of this “Shiny” Stuff really impressed them. (For fans, they could enjoy it, but many the realize SFX is not the be all and end all of what makes stuff great.  (That is why they label it FX-porn)).

(Who know it may win Oscars for Special effects/Cinematography)

I want to do 2 other posts:

  • Going through the film and detailing the problems
  • The future of the Star Wars franchise (spoiler: not good)

Welcome to the Captains Blog

Welcome to the Captain’s Blog.

I along time ago  I saw a Web Comic using the term and thought it would be a great name for a blog.  I’ve been wanting to share some of my ideas and I decided to finally put that title to use.