Oh, a sublime observation, I can actually say….

I was listening to a Podcast the other day, they where interviewing Tim Ferris (author of “The Four Hour Body”).  Interestingly he was speaking about attending a Vipassana Meditation Retreat.

Several years ago I picked up The Four Hour Body and thought it was excellent book.  I was able to follow many of the Ideas and techniques found in the book.  In the end I was able to drop approximately 20 lbs.  (To this day I am still aware of Carbs and their affect of my biochemistry* (the book also provides a lot of explanation, which is one of the things which I found so interesting and made it pleasurable to read).

Anyway back to the story, so appearently both Tim and I (at separate times/places/ and location) attended Vipassana meditation retreats. Although I found it challenging, apparently Tim had much more difficulty than I did.

I know it is a little wrong, but part of me thought:

“Wow, I was actually able to handle the retreat, with less difficulty than Tim Ferris”

His book focuses a lot on Success, and a knee jerk reaction is to put him (or other successful people) on a Pedestal, being able to compare how he perceived it as more challenging (and succeeded ) vs. my experience (challenges) going through it……  makes getting up to that Pedestal seem easier.

I would heartily recommend The Four Body, I’ve actually given copies to people who where interested in making improvements in their Health and Lifestyle.  I’ve recently started eating healthier again, and I was thinking of getting The Four Hour Chef  (To help with creating Slow Card meals).


Note: The Vipassana Medition Retreat (Last 10 days and) involves going for about 8-9 days without Talking/Reading/Internet/Sex/etc. (If you leave you will not be able to return (for that session)).  Yes, it is difficult , I also found it helpful for me. Anyone can attend for free.

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