Last Jedi (Details/Spoilers Part 2)

…. continued….

(in the last article, I stopped where Finn explained the tracking problem to Rose and the problems with that)…

She figures out a solution, and now one else did.

The way she figures out the solution and the ‘technobable’ was just awful.

  1. I’m having difficulty remembering ever heaving technobablel in  any Start Wars movie. (If it was there is was so smooth you didn’t notice it going doing).
  2. It was more appropriate to “Star Trek”.  One of the things key to successful SciFI, is consistency dragging something in which is out of place is very annoying to fans (of any show).
  3. It really didn’t make sense

At this point I had  automatic reaction about of “uuuh”.

Fin/Rose/Poe Conspire

The Trio gets together and all discuss how to fix the problem.  Instead of going to their Commanding Officer. (For Poe it would be Holdo, for Rose it would probably be the Head Engineer, Fin ….. uh… I guess Holdo too) they make a Long Distance calls to someone Fin met ONCE a few days ago.

It felt like we where getting Maz stuff down our throats. (Again and instinctive reaction).

As a side note Maz says she is dealign with some Union Activaty.  Wasn’t she the OWNER of the bar?  Does this mean she is trying to put down her employees???



(Some people have complained how she seemed to have a Camera Man keeping her in frame during the whole exchgne, during the entire exchange,, not like any other StWr Holo-communication. (That consistency thing))

Then here message find a guy wearing this at this place…. made no sense.

Canto Bight

Fin and Rose’s departure also makes no sense.  If they are able to Launch a ship (apparently undecteced) and make a Field Trip to a “5th Element” / “Harry Potter”/”The Top 1%” cross-over world.  Why don’t they start evacuating key people? 

Rose’s hate of Canto Bight was a bit strange….. apparently every single person there is an Arms Dealer and hence evil.  Had she spoken about how Canto B had invaded / oppressed other worlds and that is how it got its money…. maybe that would be more palatable.

As I mentioned above the scenes seemed to be from the 5th Element or Harry Potter.

At the end I had to ask why did they add this?

Back at the Island

Luke thinks the Jedi failed, he never quite explains what the Jedi’s shortcomings where.  I mean he’s been in Isolation for Decades, and all he can come up with is “They failed”.  (i.e. “The Jedi started to behaive this way, instead of this way”).

He also talks about the force belonging to everyone, but he doesn’t seem to be taking any action to encourage that. Instead he’s just mopping around in failure.

Luke in this film was not the real “Luke Skywalker”, instead it was one written by someone who had little understanding of the character , the previous films, a disappointment.

There were a few funny moments.  Luke with the twig and “That’s the force!”, the Caretakers and Ray. (It might be amusing in the next film, if she tries to return and they oppose her 🙂 )



Yoda’s vist (update)

The scene with Yoda to me, just seemed completely out place. For most of the time I was wondering, “Is that Snope, doing some sort of trick”  (Literally it was so out of character, that I though it was the head bad guy masquerading as Yoda)

Poe and the Admiral Part 2

Poe travells to the bridge and tells the Admiral about his plans.  There are some many problems with this and how it doesn’t make sense:

Why didn’t he discuss it with her first?

As mentioned before the Resistance has technicians, maybe even hackers, who could figure out a plan and made arrangements to get it done successful. (Right right people, paint BB-8 black, maybe more people (some to do distractions, etc)).

The admirals reaction makes no sense

As I watched the scene, I had another WTF reaction.  The Admiral’s response and entire argument is  that the Rose/Fin missions “puts everyone at risk”.   OK… based on what was happening at that time my first thought was “How?” .   If Fin/Rose are captured then the Resistance has lost there PR Front Man and that Pipe Girl we had watching the Escape Pods. (Was she afraid no one was watching the escape pods).  If they talked, they (again at this point in time) don’t know anything.

The Admiral the this “puts everyone at risk” card makes her seem like she’s over reacting and a control freak. Also it seemed like really really sloppy/lazy writing. (Overused/incorrect trope)

The Bad Communication

If only Poe had asked “How?” or challenged the “Puts everyone at risk” there would have been a conversation:

Admiral: This puts everyone at risk
Poe: How so admiral?
Admiral: They might leak sensitive information to the First order about our secret escape plan
Poe: They don’t know anything about our escape plan (and neither do I)
Admiral: You’re right, they don’t
Admiral: If the empire detects what we’re doing, we’re screwed.
Poe: OK. I’ll keep them in the dark.

(Instead the next chance he gets, Poe blabs to Fin/Rose/BB8 and someone they just met details of the secret plans and causes the almost complete destruction of the resistance).

Rey’s Thrown Room Visit

OK, technically Rey’s prophecy vision is correct, but not in the way she expected. (Prophecies have a way of being like that).

The reveal that Snoke connected Ray and Kilo, again makes no sense.  (Maybe if they had a scene at the start where Snoke was doing some force manipulation of Kilo while asking him to remember Rey….. )

It was interesting seeing Rey actually not succeeding, after 1.5 films of “Mary Sue”

Kilo’s breayal / murder of Snoke (for me) was believable though a little for shadowed.

Rey getting her lightsaber back…. eeeh.

FIght scene OK.

Haldo’s Suicide

I thought it was an interesting idea, but why didn’t they use it before?

Before there were 2-3 smaller ships and the Medical Frigate (25%–33% of the mass of the Main ship).  Before they ran out of fuel, some of these ships (at least the medical frigate) where evacuated.  Couldn’t they have done the evacuation of those ships sooner (supposedly they had been in this chase for about 16-18 hours) and done the ramming sooner.

Other options with these others ships:

  • Have them jump away in different directions.
  • Have them split up in normal space
  • etc

“No we’ll just let them run out of fuel and be picked off by the FO Guns”

Rose/Fin’s Mission

It flowed OK, until they got to the point where BB8 hijacked the walker….. and the Cockpit (head) just fell apart around him???   If the thing falls apart so easily and that is the quality of the construction, couldn’t they have brought a couple of Ewoks.  The reveal of BB8 at the control and them riding the open air cockpit back to their ship seemed so silly.

  The Final Space Escape

So everyone is now escaping the FO Lead ship is in ruins, it seems like the end of the film.

As ships are flying away. I suddenly realize ‘Oh there’s more film” and the intonation of that though is not positive.



When they explain the attack on the battering ram, my first reaction was… “Now, They’re just making stuff up as an excuse for more FX Porn”

Ships seemed really stupid… again Why [are they designed that way]?

The authors tried to make a joke in the scene and it just fell flat. “They really hate that ship”

Fin’s sacrifice as it was about to happen seemed like a really satisfying end to that characters ark…. Until Rose ruined it. (Her profession of live just seemed weird, fake and cheesy)

Luke’s Finale

I was into it. I think Luke’s everything you just said is wrong speech, was the Hight Point of the movie, especially with he cuts of them escapeing.  Rey using her powers (as he’s saying “not the last Jedi”), was supposed to be a counter point, but tt didn’t seem like she was “coming into” her role as a Jedi or “accomplishing” anything,

Luke death, just seemed to be something that the “Writers”/”Producers” needed not something the story needed.

It buys time for the few(“thanks Poe”)  survivors to escape in the Millennium Falcon.

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