Last Jedi (Details/Spoilers Part 1)

[Because this is getting so long (and hence taking  a long time to write), I’m going  to split it up]

This article will cover different issues I had with the film. So it will have lots of spoilers.

I recently saw a youtube video about how editing save “A New Hope”, after I saw it I wished the people behind “The Last Jedi” had watched that same video.

  • How Star Wars was saved in the edit


As the movie opens, the New Order has effectively seized control of the entire new Republic. Apparently loosing something the size of Star Killer base, did not phase them???? (Maybe RJ didn’t see how big that thing was and how many troops where on it?)

The first battle begins (Poe heckles General “Hugs”)

has several problems with it. What happens:

  • Hux is saying we will not accept surrender and give no quarter.
  • As Poe’s Xwing speeds to the FO Formation, he then calls up and asks for General “Hugs”. (We had subtitles in our showing and Poe’s calling for General “Hugs” and Hux is responding with “Hux”)
  • After breaking off communications Poe attacks.
  • During this time he communicates with Leia and she seems OK with his plan.

This scene just left me thinking ‘waaa???’

  • If he is giving “No Quarter” and “Not accepting surrenders”, why does he even bother to respond with anything beyond Weapons fire?  (Even care if “Can he hear me?” etc).
  • Poe uses expression which seem way out of context “I’ll hold”
  • I’m sure that practically everyone missed that Poe was calling him General Hugs and this part of the joke failed. (I think many of the jokes simply where not heard)

Apparently Poe was trying to get within a certain range and then begin his attack, maybe if they had cut to some sort of display showing a dotted line, which he was trying to get up to.

Poe ignores Leia’s order to stop the attack

The battle begins Leia orders Poe to break off his attack, he then turns off his radio and ignores her. At this point, who is commanding the bombers and why can Leia simply order them back directly?

Bombers suffer massive casualties

They’re made of extra unstable Explodium? And all but one of them are destroyed….. by sparks (?)

(The scene with Rose’s sister was kinda interesting, but “Who is this woman?” “Why should I care about her?”  … “Oh she blew up”.  When she was kicking the pole I didn’t see any vibration on the other end, that made it a little unbelievable)


Flin wakes up

He’s on some sort of life support, wouldn’t an alarm have gone off and he been attended to by the medical staff? Instead he wanders around in an(other) attempt at humor.


In a rehash f the ending scen from TFA, Ray hand’s Luke the cherished Lightsaber, which he chucks over his shoulder with a shrug.

At first I thought, is he making some sort of example of Non-attachment to physical things?  No, turns out he just doesn’t care. (Major let down)

Then follows many scenes of Luke avoiding/refusing to train her… you’ve seen those patterns in a few martial arts films (and  “Fight Club”).

During there interactions, Luke asks the question to Mary Sue Ray “who are  you?” (repeatedly).  All Ray is able to respond is “nobody”.  I mean, they could have at least tried to explain why Leia picked her for the mission. (i.e. “The General believes I am connected to the force and think I was the best person to find you”).

This is the first of the “Mystery Boxes” which Rian was passed, and instead of opening them up or resolving them in some meaningful way. I’m not a fan of “Mystery Boxes” and think they were way over used (and dread their return when JJ returns to the helm), but now that they are there, they need to be addressed, not tossed over the cliff with Luke’s Lightsaber.


I found the scene interesting, but came away from it feeling like Snoke had broken the 4th wall and read all of the internet criticism for the Force Awakens, I half expected him to call Ray a Mary Sue.

I also got a distinct feeling that the two directors where NOT on the same page (or even where working against each other), not good when it is a SEQUEL.

At least he didn’t ask any questions and leave them hanging. (See “Who are you?” above).

Rian said that he was terrified about destroying Kylo’s mask, too bad he didn’t feel the same way about destroying Luke

Poe Demoted

After the Dreadnought is destroyed,  Leia watches with sadness as she see’s how many fighters/bombers she has lost.  On Poes return she slaps him for not ending the attack when order to do so and demotes him.

Again, the only radio Poe turned off, was his own, she could have still ordered the bombers to break off the attack.

Maybe if they had added some dialog where she tried that but Poe had persuaded the other pilots to follow through with the attack. It would make more sense, without it Poe’s actions are essentially following through with the plan (which was apparently green-lighted by Leia before the opening crawl).

(Also seems bad planning, Poe was succeeding in his part of the operation and THEN the General gets cold feet, without having a “SCRAM” plan).

Leia gets blown… into space

I though this scene was very poetic, at the back of my head I was thinking… “Hmm, guess they solved the Carrie Fischer problem”.

As Princess Leia floats out in space, her eyes open, she reaches out and…… begins to fly back towards the ship.  At first I was thinking, is she now a force ghost, and the I realized all of the other characters are seeing this too. (WTF?? Can’t you let the poor woman rest in peace?)

When she arrives at a sealed door, they simply open it and let her in…… without trigger catastrophic explosive decompression.

New Leadership

The hand-off to V Admiral Holdo seems really weird, more like a coronation/selection than a succession of command. (Based on rank).

In episodes 4,5,6, all of the Politicians are dressed in very fancy clothing (this includes Leia).  In 7 Leia is now a “General” and it wearing (most of the time) a Uniform.  Why is Holdo wearing an evening gown?  (Everyone is referring to her by a Military rank, which she seems to have had for a while (based on Poe’s comments about her previous victories).

The is almost immediately tension between her and Poe, her labeling Poe as a hot head , figher jock…. (or something to the effect).  How many times have you heard that meme (with the subect growing into a true leader).  It felt so fake.

This all while Poe is simply trying to find out what the plan is.  (This is a military organization, so technically he doesn’t’ “Need” to know, but still it does seem unreasonable to keep it from him.

She has people jumping ship and literally crying below desks, she needs to give people some “Hope”, not attitude. Otherwise they may do stupid things (foreshadowing)

A couple of ideas to handle (or justify) their mutual distrust:

  • Have Holdo start out as a politician and convert them to a politician. (“Per the Emergency orders, in this situation the leader of the Council is now assigned to the role of Admiral”
  • (or) Have her start out 1 rank above Poe’s previous rank.
  • Have her connected with the failed mission somehow.


I though Fin had gone through his growth spurt/development during the first (seventh) film, instead the 3rd thing he does in this film is F!#%ing run away.

Again it seems the old film (Fin’s growth) is thrown out.

Fin claims that it is to protect Rey when she returns….. I call BS on that excuse.

Fin/Rose (2)

Fin wakes up and explains what is happening to them.  (

We again see how well Admiral Holdo is keeping crew confidence up. Rose was the one crying earlier and has spent her day stunning and taking deserters to the brig…. (Fin isn’t her first one) and this is the first time she hears the specifics about what the probem is.

She is the Pipe Person and she figures out a plan to solve it, imagine if they actually let the rest of the tech crew know about the problem. They might not have made a call to the Personal or IT Department and explained how to solve it….. these are the guys how figured out how to blow up the feaking Death Star twice!!!

to be continued……

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