Last Jedi and what it means for the next film

I think many Star Wars fans, went to see all of the new films because they wanted the Magic which they got from Luke, Leia, and Han.

The Powers that be, seemed to think that by putting forward new characters the fans what automatically make that connection.  Just because they had the “Star Wars” title with it. It feels forced.

(Its kinda like in “Force Awakens” when Han and Chewy return to the Falcon and say “Where back”, it feels like the expect us to swoon just because they put the pieces together).

And for some reason they felt that in order to make us like the new crew they had to Kill the old ones and their world.

Unfortunately I don’t think the attachment to the new trio has grown enough to replace the affection fans have for the original Trio.  This was one of, if not the, biggest draws for STW fans.

Future films may get people in the seats because it is a Big Budget Sci Fi film, but not so much b/c of the “Star Wars” Label:

  • The Producers have killed / destroyed the old characters and world which the fans loved
  • They’ve replace it with a version* which most don’t like.
  • By changing Director/writers between each film that version is not even consistent.
  • They are depending too much on the Brand Names and more expecting Fans to like what they tell them.
  • The films seem to formulaic (in the Theater I kept seeing this over and over)

Right now I don’t have much expectation for Episode 9 and will probably just catch is online once it is available then.  And I think many other Fans will feel the same way.  The next film may be a hit, but not as big as the previous movies.


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