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Last Jedi and what it means for the next film

I think many Star Wars fans, went to see all of the new films because they wanted the Magic which they got from Luke, Leia, and Han. The Powers that be, seemed to think that by putting forward new characters

Last Jedi (Details/Spoilers Part 2)

…. continued…. (in the last article, I stopped where Finn explained the tracking problem to Rose and the problems with that)… She figures out a solution, and now one else did. The way she figures out the solution and the

Last Jedi (Details/Spoilers Part 1)

[Because this is getting so long (and hence taking  a long time to write), I’m going  to split it up] This article will cover different issues I had with the film. So it will have lots of spoilers. I recently

The Last Jedi (Overall)

A few weeks ago I saw the last Jedi. (It opened here on Wed and I saw it Friday afternoon). I think overall is was just OK as a SciFi Movie.  During the movie I found myself having lots of