Before they decided to “Walk Away” they “Stopped Clapping”

I remember reading a story in the Gulag Archipelago, there was an Official  Dinner party, at some point there was a toast to Stalin, the people clapped and then as people realized they didn’t want to lose face and be seen as the first person to stop clapping….. the clapping went on and on and on. No one wanting to the first to “stop clapping”.  Eventually, one person stopped and others not having to worry about the “Guilt” of being the first, also stopped.  It sounds so absurd until you learn the truth, that the first man who stopped clapping first was arrested the next day. (The reason the story is in the Gulag Archipelago, is b/c that man was a fellow prisoner with Solzhenitsyn (the book’s author))

Speaking my family members and watching the “Walk Away” videos, it struck me that most of the people who have walked away, still agree with the traditional  “Ideals” of the Democratic Party (i.e a fair society, equal rights, etc), it’s just that many of them feel the party has left them behind in it zealotry and methods.  Instead of them “walking away” the Democratic party was the ones doing the walking away, and for a long time, people kept going with them, kept clapping for their ideas even after it began to make them uncomfortable.

I remember reading a news article about a Democratic rally, in a Hispanic area of California. While the leaders spoke about Fair Wages, ending Racial Discrimination, supporting Bilingual Education, etc, the audience was enthusiastically clapping.  (Demographically most Hispanics are Catholic).  As the speakers began to move into areas less aligned with those of the Catholic Church (abortion, homosexuality, etc), the enthusiasm began to taper off, and the audience became less enthusiastic.

Unfortunately for the Democratic Party, I think they seem to be unaware of what is happening.  If you stop clapping you risk being labeled a ‘Hater’. (I worry my “Description” of the events at the California rally above, will get it lumped in as some sort of “hate speech”).

The guy who started publicising peoples stories/video (of them just leaving the Democratic Party) was recently denied service in a New York store, b/c the clerk felt he was alt-right (again for just publicising stories about people leaving the Democratic Party).   We aren’t at the point where ‘stopping clapping’ gets you sent to a prison camp, but being ostracised for leaving a party that has left you behind (or not showing enough enthusiasm), is in the same vein.*

Unfortunately, b/c people hear so little about 3rd parties the Republicans are going to be the primary beneficiaries of this shift. Even though, belief-wise many of these people will feel more comfortable with the Libertarians. (Maybe a few will like the Greens, but many of the “Far Left” ideas making people uncomfortable are already part of the Green Platform).   It might be that the people who walk away can eventually bring in more of their Centrist Ideas into the Republican party but that will take time and people will not be satisfied at first.


*Note: Look at Evergeeen college and what happened to the professor there who thought one of the events had gone to far.

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