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The Mortgage (Death Pledge) Getting out of it

I’ve mentioned earlier about Dave Ramsey and Clark Howard and several other sources of inspiration for Success (both Financial and other). One of the key ideas is being “Debt Free”.  (On YouTube look up “Dave Ramsey” or “Debt Snowball” ,

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Who Moved My Cheese

Something reminded me of the book “Who Moved My Cheese”.  So dug it up and re-read it.  Its really short in a was able to finish it in < 1 hour.  

What You Read Part 2

I have a variety of friends on Facebook.  One always posts stories from Huffington Post, an other always post from Fox news (or Commentary).  (I used to hear from one (who was from Russia and had a PHD in Marxist

Oh, a sublime observation, I can actually say….

I was listening to a Podcast the other day, they where interviewing Tim Ferris (author of “The Four Hour Body”).  Interestingly he was speaking about attending a Vipassana Meditation Retreat. Several years ago I picked up The Four Hour Body and

Hmm, another way of stating that point

So watching this YouTube Video about Dave’s 2018 recommendations, at about 5:30, Dave reiterates someone along the lines one of my main points from my previous posts (about watching a healthy variety of things):

On Success, What radio program do you listen to?

Many years ago, when I still lived in the US, I started listening to Clark Howard‘s show on WSB.  (For those of you aren’t familiar with him, he’s a Nationally Syndicated Radio Host who Specializing in Financial Advice).  I recently

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Last Jedi and what it means for the next film

I think many Star Wars fans, went to see all of the new films because they wanted the Magic which they got from Luke, Leia, and Han. The Powers that be, seemed to think that by putting forward new characters

Last Jedi (Details/Spoilers Part 2)

…. continued…. (in the last article, I stopped where Finn explained the tracking problem to Rose and the problems with that)… She figures out a solution, and now one else did. The way she figures out the solution and the

Last Jedi (Details/Spoilers Part 1)

[Because this is getting so long (and hence taking  a long time to write), I’m going  to split it up] This article will cover different issues I had with the film. So it will have lots of spoilers. I recently

Fixed problem with email

I found a missing configuration that was keeping email from going out. It should be OK now.