Actions, Attitudes vs Things

So when I was young I remember watching TV and there was a new story about a “Gun Buy Back Program” (as well as lauding its ‘success’), being young I really didn’t think about it more than “that’s interesting” or “cool”.  The story/narrator  made the simple association that Guns where bad and hence getting rid of them would make the world better.

(I’ll circle back to this later, but this idea is so intertwined with the issues of the world, from concrete issues like the “War On Drugs”, to the more philosophical points of the “Politics of Blame”).

Back to the original point,  many decades later, I’m sitting in the apartment where I was renting a room, in Amsterdam and watching the BBC.  They are covering a “KNIFE BUY BACK PROGRAM” (in response to violent crime).

Although I had already become aware of this, it farther cemented my understanding that:  It is peoples attitudes and beliefs which causes them to commit crime. The absence of guns, knives or even baseball bats will not solve crime, in order to solve the problems of violence people must change their behaviors and beliefs.

Responding with anger, believing they are powerless, blaming others, looking on the outside, all of these*  perpetuate the Suffering (include Crime and Violence).  Because of the way the media/society is programing people they are buying into this feeling of powerlessness and responding with anger (Or worse encouraged to respond with anger and outrage).

Take a breath, practice mindfulness, meditate, and look at problems from all sides.  If you practice these things in moments of peace, they will become more automatic, especially  when there is not peace.   And realize that things are not the problem it is attitudes.


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