A “Dictatorship” …….. really?

I recently saw a post (from someone wanting to move to Europe), in the post she referred to the “current dictatorship”. Comments like this leave me scratching my head.

I have a friend, in College she let some other student activists have a meeting at her house, they spoke up against the government. Because of this she was grouped in with them as a subversive. She had to flee the country and got asylum in Europe. (Her country was Chile).

My mom’s family is from Argentina, my aunt’s Boss got sent to prison and was only released when the Junta fell. As far as I know no one in our family was a victim of the Dirty War, but we knew the horror stories about it.

I will admit that one of the reasons I came to live in Europe was b/c I didn’t like the direction the US was going in (the main reason was a feeling of enjoyment over here), but to call what is happening over there (compared to what is/has actually happening in other countries ) a Dictatorship is counter productive.

The people who might be sympathetic to your opposition, are going to be turned off, especially if they are familiar with an Actual Dictatorship.

The others will scoff at the rhetoric (considering it “crying wolf”) and more dangerously it will color the lens they see future events in and be less observant.

Finally the people that are supporting the current administration, will have an example to call out to dismiss valid criticism and also call support to their case.

I’m not a supporter of Trump and think he is over stepping his authority, but it is not yet a Dictatorship, people must stand up and require the Government to stay in the Law , but shouting exaggerations hurts that effort.

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