Year: 2019

A Year with EveryDollar (part 3): Putting it into practice

In my previous 2 Posts I described 1) My experience using EveryDollar and 2) Some of the Tools I use with it. In this post, I wanted to cover putting it all together. Not following Dave Ramsey 100% Starting out

A Year with EveryDollar (Part 2): Tools/Techniques (Cash Envelopes/Separate Accounts/Sinking Funds)

(This is a follow up to an earlier post “A Year with EveryDollar“) One important aspect to help me keep everything organized is separating the money. The main tool I use for this is separate accounts, these accounts fall into

A year of EveryDollar

For the last year or so I’ve been using EveryDollar a free Budgeting App / Web Site published by the Dave Ramsey group. ( At first the idea of following a budget, just sounded too constricting and impossible to me,

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A “Dictatorship” …….. really?

I recently saw a post (from someone wanting to move to Europe), in the post she referred to the “current dictatorship”. Comments like this leave me scratching my head. I have a friend, in College she let some other student